The European Union must be congratulated for its bold move

29 Oct, 2012 , Reparations Law News

European Parliament resolution on the human rights situation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The European Union has passed a resolution strongly condemning the UAE for its Human Rights violations against the migrant workers and the democratic activists.  The UAE officials have raised objections and criticism about the EU Resolution.  The major ground of objection is that they were not invited for a discussion before passing such a critical resolution which has great impact in their socio-political affairs.

Dr. Anwar Mohammed Gargash, Minister for Foreign Affairs, UAE described the resolution as a “biased and resolution which throws accusations haphazardly without substantiating facts on the ground and purposely overlooks the milestones made by the UAE and endorsed by the relevant international organizations, particularly in the areas of foreign labour, comprehensive social care and women’s empowerment, and the fact that the UAE represents a society of people of over 200 different nationalities who co-exist in an atmosphere of openness and tolerance.” “As a result, the final resolution came prejudiced and unfair which impacted its credibility. The resolution adopted unsubstantiated accusations by groups and organizations that made it a top priority to tarnish UAE s reputation,” he added.

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“The UAE will continue to take all necessary measures to protect its security and stability, on the basis of its institutions, laws and regulations observed.” He concluded by saying: “There is no room for leniency when it comes to laws and constitutional foundations no matter what circumstances are.” (Link)

The reactions of the UAE would appear to be quite natural because now they are trying hard with greater publicity measures to impress the world. The Ministers boast much of the better amenities available to the working community. They also proclaim the protective measures ensured under the articles of the UAE law. (Link)

From the available information as well as information from migrants’ experience during the tenure of their work or business activities in the country it’s made explicitly clear that, whatever the UAE authorities are now trying to impress the world community are contrary to truth. The UAE authorities have unleashed their autocratic powers with impunity to arrest innocent persons to put them in prison or solitary confinement. Such prisoners have stories of very brutal torture, the resultant wounds, crippling limps and so on.

In the above background, the UAE officials honestly cannot raise serious objections to the EU Resolutions.  They would better get prepared to analyze their under-civilized ruling styles and treat human beings (the citizens of that country as well as the migrated working force as a whole) in a humanitarian way, imbibing more civilized ideals and ideologies.  It will be the greatest service they could do to the world humanity, at least at this late stage.

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  1. Why UAE is shocked? It is apt to say UAE is ‘afraid’.

    The report says that the UAE is ‘shocked’ over the decision of the EU Parliament’s resolution of 26th October 2012 condemning UAE for its human rights violations against foreigners and the democratic activists.

    The EU Parliament was right in boldly resolving against this oil-rich monster. Goliath cannot be triumphant all the while but has to be defeated by David. One cannot be little EU, a power cluster of States to a David. EU Parliament has taken a stern decision, though it is belated. Any safe and secure ‘fort’ will be broken a day.

    Clara Snyder, NY

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