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Constitution of the UAE

This constitution came into being to explain the main rules of the political and constitutional organization of the state. In fact, it has demonstrated the main purpose of establishment of the federation, its objectives and components on the local and regional levels. It has also elaborated on the major social and economic pillars of federation and stressed public rights, responsibilities and freedoms. Moreover, it has highlighted federal authorities, organized issuance of federal legislation and the competent authorities as well. Above all, it has also dealt with financial affairs of the federation, armed and security forces provisions and legislative, executive and international jurisdictions between the federation and member emirates.

Part Three Freedom, Rights and Public Duties

Article 25
All persons are equal before the law, without distinction between citizens of the Union in regard to race, nationality, religious belief or social status .

Article 26
Personal liberty is guaranteed to all citizens. No person may be arrested, searched , detained or imprisoned except in accordance with the provisions of law. No person shall be subjected to torture or to degrading treatment.

Article 27
The law shall define crimes and punishments. No penalty shall be imposed for any act of commission or omission committed before the relevant law been promulgated.

Article 28
Penalty is personal. An accused shall be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a legal fair trial. The accused shall have the right to appoint the person who is capable to conduct his defence during the trial. The law shall prescribe the cases in which the presence of a counsel for defence shall be assigned. Physical and moral abuse of an accused person is prohibited.

Article 29
Freedom of movement and residence shall be guaranteed to citizens within the limits of haw.

Article 30
Freedom of opinion and expressing it verbally, in writing or by other means of expression shall be guaranteed within the limits of law.

Read Full: Constitution of the U.A.E

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