UAE: UN Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic Review

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UAE: UN Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic Review

Postby admin » Wed Jan 30, 2013 2:49 pm

Smear campaign launched by the Emirati authorities
28 January 2013 - Today, the human rights record of the United Arab Emirates will be reviewed by the UN Human Rights Council as the situation in the country continues to deteriorate. On this occasion, the undersigned organisations call on Human Rights Council member-states to urge the United Arab Emirates to put an end to the current crackdown against peaceful human rights defenders and political activists and to honour its commitments as a newly elected member of the Human Rights Council to “uphold[s] the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights” (It appears that 'national security' has been used as a pretext by the Emirati authorities to stifle dissent and repress all activists asking for democratic reforms and respect for human rights)...Read More

UN told of UAE's progress on enhancing human rights
The Human Rights Council will present the UAE with a formal set of recommendations on how to further promote human rights. The UAE will then be expected to study those recommendations and say which of the recommendations it has chosen to accept and how it intends to implement them.
"This is a matter of national interest, as well as a human rights issue, as foreign workers are our development partners and their contribution to the growth of our economy is invaluable. We are fully committed to the goal of strengthening the rights of workers so that they can enjoy opportunity in the UAE, free of any form of abuse or exploitation." "The UAE has an extensive strategy for safeguarding the rights of workers and improving their work and living conditions," Dr Gargash (UN told of UAE's progress on enhancing human rights)

UAE No Model of Progress - By Joe Stork
Since the beginning of the year, UAE state security has detained without charge scores of people with ties to a non-violent Islamist group, al-Islah. Those rounded up and held in places unknown include prominent human rights lawyers, judges, and student leaders. The authorities have also harassed and in some cases deported UAE-based human rights defenders, denied legal assistance to political detainees, and even deported lawyers seeking to provide the detainees with legal assistance.

When you throw into the mix credible allegations of torture at UAE State Security facilities and poor living and working conditions for impoverished construction and service workers from south Asia, it is clear that there is a vast gap between Abu Dhabi’s narrative and the facts on the ground. The UAE did everything in its power to stop the European Parliament’s resolution. It sent a delegation to Strasbourg to lobby the elected representatives, and its ambassador in Brussels threatened that the resolution could “needlessly damage EU-UAE relations.” (Joe Stork is deputy Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch)...Read More

With Lots of Baggage
This a country where people who attempt to exercise their right to free speech and peaceful dissent are likely to find themselves in arbitrary detention, where lawyers are harassed and even deported for their efforts to defend peaceful dissidents, and where migrant workers, who make up about 95 percent of the work force, face extraordinary exploitation. In the last year the situation has deteriorated so significantly that on October 26 the European Parliament issued an urgent resolution calling on its strategic partner to call a halt to an ongoing campaign of repression and intimidation against its citizenry. (With Lots of Baggage)

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