Indo-Gulf Reparation Mechanisms

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Indo-Gulf Reparation Mechanisms

Postby admin » Thu Jan 03, 2013 9:24 am

The mandate of UN General Assembly adoption of resolution reads as follows
"States shall, with respect to claims by victims, enforce domestic judgments for reparation against individuals or entities liable for the harm suffered and endeavour to enforce valid foreign legal judgments for reparation in accordance with domestic law and international legal obligations. To that end, States should provide under their domestic laws effective mechanisms for the enforcement of reparation judgments" (Resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly - A/RES/60/147) Read full text: Need for establishing a viable Indo-Gulf Reparation Mechanism.

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Re: Indo-Gulf Reparation Mechanisms

Postby Meher » Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:13 pm

Sub. Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD INDIA)


The following two paragraphs extracted from the report in the Times of India report on PBD is the outburst of the NRI delegates about the futile and wasteful nature of the PBD celebrations in India for the last eleven years. The expressions compressed in a few words, in fact, speak chapter and volumes about the consistent dissatisfaction and unhappiness of the Pravasis. It is cruel if not strange that both the State/Central Governments are deaf, dump and unconcerned about a series of serious problems faced by a big slice of its citizenry (over 5.5 million) toiling under the blazing sun in the Gulf countries to sustain themselves and support their kith and kin.

“There were loud protests from sections of Gulf migrants. They said the conference had been discussing almost the same issues for the last 11 years and the delegates had been listening to the same old promises. "Unless the governments at the Centre and state are able to execute these promises there is no point in continuing with this event," said a delegate.

"I have been hearing about programmes for rehabilitation of return migrants for so many years at Pravasi meets. But nothing has happened so far, '' said Y A Rahim, the president of the Indian Association of Sharjah, who led of a small protest in front of the conference hall”.(Read: And again, same old promises)

Meher S, Ottawa Ontario.

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